Thunder Rolls Right into NBA Finals

Let’s pause for a second to recall the fact that the Western Conference playoffs started out as a contest to see who could eventually ‘beat the Heat’ come Finals time… my, my how things change.

The Miami Heat are facing yet another elimination tomorrow night by the ever-present Boston Celtics while the Oklahoma City Thunder have rolled over the San Antonio Spurs to claim the Western Conference spot. OKC came back from being down 2-0 to the Spurs and most analysts counting them out to win four straight games and advance. So you can take those ‘inexperience’ and ‘too young’ excuses and shove them up your… well you know.

At this rate, even if the Thunder don’t win it all, which I suspect they will, there’s no way there isn’t a dynasty budding. They are so young, so cohesive and so marketable thanks to the ferret on James Harden’s face (see @HardenBeard on Twitter) they have all the tools to be considered with the likes of the Lakers in the Western Conference. Easily.

Led by a man like Kevin Durant who I believe deserved league MVP over Lebron any day, they have some real staying power, provided management is willing to spend. Congrats to the Western Conference Champs.

courtesy of Getty Images