I Love My… Devils

Image courtesy of bleacherreport.com

This is a bit of a departure for me. Not because I’m not used to writing about ASU. I’m just not used to not writing for ASU. Rubs hands together here goes nothing!

Alright, if any of you saw last night, the Arizona State Sun Devils got straight up embarrassed in their most hyped up home game of the season against the 3rd ranked Oregon Ducks. Neither team had been especially tested up until that point and the number one offense in the Pac-12 was going up against the number one defense in the Pac-12. Yes, that was actually true, ASU had the best defense in the conference, get over it. It was sure to be a good show.

That is, until the second snap of the game. Devils defensive leader Will Sutton forced a fumble from Oregon QB Marcus Mariota but subsequently went down with a knee injury and would not return the rest of the game. An MRI is scheduled for today. The ensuing ball game was more like walking through a haunted house for ASU. You didn’t actually want to continue, but you didn’t want your buddies thinking you were a pansy so you did. The final score was a deceiving 43-21. It wasn’t that close.

Alas, I’m actually not even pissed we lost to the Ducks. First off- I don’t care who you are, their uniforms are sick. You can’t hate them. I do hate that duck though. Put some damn pants on there are children present! I did like Chip Kelly a lot, until after the first Oregon touchdown of the game (a 72-yard run by, surprise, Kenyon Barner) Kelly decided to go for a two point conversion to get the lead. That was straight disrespectful Chips and Dip. Seriously. How rude! (In my best Michelle Tanner voice). But like I said, I’m not pissed.

Here’s the good news. This isn’t the end of the road for ASU. They could potentially meet the Ducks again for the Pac-12 championship if they get it back together. The Pac-12 South is ripe for the taking. ASU has UCLA at home next for homecoming. Confidence booster perhaps? If they can beat either USC or Oregon State their chances look really good. And maybe, just MAYBE they would be a little more prepared for Oregon the second time around.

Even if THAT doesn’t happen guess what? I’m still not suicidal. Listen, if anyone in the Pac-12 has a shot at getting to the National Championship this year it’s the Oregon Ducks. Had ASU won last night’s game that would have gone out the window. If Bama had a fluke loss would that be the case? Roll No. Of course not. The BCS loves the SEC way too much. But with Oregon manhandling their first road challenge, they now have a shot at proving to the BCS and the nation that the Pac-12 is not to be f*&%ed with after all. They are the only team in the country who I could see going toe to toe with Bama. And by God, I think they’d win it.

So all in all, I still love my Devils. I always will. But I’ve found the silver lining in these scenarios. That is, a carbon fiber silver lining that subtly reflects metallic green when the gridiron lights shine on it.


We Talkin bout PLAYOFFS?

College football is.


It’s here! It’s finally here! I know it’s my go-to phrase but this really is better than Christmas. College Football will now have a playoff system to determine the National Champion. While this won’t ensure Bama and LSU won’t meet 27481 times in a season, it will be earned and not decided by some phantom committee more elusive than Napoleon Dynamite’s Liger. Is that a collegiate mascot yet?

Here’s how it goes: there will be four teams selected by a committee with ‘preference’ given to conference champs and teams with tough schedules…this is still the BCS people. Can’t expect a miracle. I don’t know about you but I’ll take what I can get. RPI ratings, which aid in how NCAA men’s basketball determines March Madness teams, may be used as well.

The games will be played on neutral grounds most likely at the Orange, Sugar, Rose or Fiesta bowls on a rotating basis. The National Championship location will be determined by the highest bidding city- similar to how the Super Bowl location is decided. The four cities that facilitate the major BCS bowls will have the opportunity to bid as well as other cities.

As far as the revenue share goes- and it’s estimated to bring in $400-500 million, the five major conferences will get majority share of revenue, the Big East being the bastard child thrown scraps of benjamins under the stairs.

Convenient that Notre Dame is ‘independent’ when it comes to football. Speaking of, the committee deciding on this playoff system includes the FBS Commissioners AND THE NOTRE DAMN ATHLETIC DIRECTOR. And no that wasn’t a typo. WTF Notre Dame? This is why everyone hates you.

The majority of bowls will remain, including the main bowls. In fact, one or two more may be added to include teams not in the 11 FCS conferences.

This is all barring an approval by the BCS Presidential Oversight Committee, whatever that is.

Point is, we should all be ecstatic. After years of pestering, AN ACTUAL PRESIDENTIAL OPINION and countless middle school persuasive essays on why college football should include a playoff it’s happening, albeit a limited basis. Yes, we can.

Where’s Jim Mora when you need him? I expect a SportsCenter segment ESPN.