Just a Girl with a Sports Problem…

Carmen VitaliMy name is Carmen Vitali and I have a problem. I danced all my life, tights and leotards were a staple for me growing up. My favorite color is pink, and I will take advantage of any opportunity to ‘bedazzle’ something. Seriously. I squeal at the sight of anything creepy crawly, I get entirely too scared at movies and subsequently cry at any heartwarming moment in my favorite romantic comedy. But my real passion? Sports. Hard-hitting, full-on, contact sports.

I was raised from a very early age a Philadelphia Eagles fan. Nine years old and when asked to join my mother in the kitchen to help cook dinner I would reply, “Ma, games on” and proceed to sit my butt down on the couch surrounded by my father, uncles, and cousins (all guys). Consider this your formal warning if you ever have the ‘pleasure’ of watching a game with me.

I am originally from the Chicagoland area so (Da) Bears quickly became my favorite NFL team (the Eagles still remain a close second). Let’s just say ‘Bill Swerski’s Super Fans’ ain’t got nothing on me. Got a ring on my right ring finger that proudly reads “BEARS”- a gift from ‘Santa’ a few years back that I’m all too eager to show off. My dad introduced me to the wonderous world of hockey and the Chicago Blackhawks, been going to games since I was little. I also grew up during the Golden Age of the Chicago Bulls and still refuse to believe Michael Jordan is permanently retired.

I attended Arizona State University where I worked for the athletic department as an intern in the Media Relations department. I did a lot for the football team mostly. I also worked four seasons for the Arizona Cardinals, a job I acquired after working Super Bowl XLII in Arizona. An internship with the LA Dodgers then subsequently the Chicago White Sox and a brief stint as a full-time working adult in a sports agency later I am now pursuing my Master’s Degree at Northwestern University in Sports Administration and living in the greatest city in the world (Chicago).

Follow along for *opinions* and analysis on the latest sports happenings. Or don’t. My muted sarcastic sense of humor isn’t for everyone 😉


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